Fully automate your CR optimization on Affise

From now on you don’t need to deal with the time consuming task of running reports, exporting, sorting, sending emails to publishers and then blocking them in the system.
All you need to do is decide what CR you want and AdopSolutions will do all the work for you.

How it works

Here is how simple it is


All you need to do is:

  • Set the threshold for starting optimization
  • Decide what high and low CR you want to block


AdopSolutions will:

  • Send you a report with the results of the rules you set
  • Send a warning email to your publisher if CR is getting too high or too low
  • Send a notification to the publisher that they were blocked
  • Block the sub ID in Affise system
  • Identify SUB IDs that are not converting and pause them

More great features

Here are some key features our automation tools bring to the table

Live Data

We pull data from HasOffers and Affise as fast as possible and analyze it in real time to bring insights and act on them to make the preset decisions

CR Optimization

Our customized CR optimization tool assures you meet your advertisers goals

Avoid Scrub and Deductions

By applying custom rules and streamlining your clients' traffic you can minimize end-of-the-month deductions and create a predictable revenue stream

Automatic Blacklisting

We not only find optimizations for you but also carry them out buy whitelisting and blacklisting good and bad traffic sources

Clear History

You can always go back and check the reason a publisher was blocked or whitelisted in case you need it

Whitelist Blacklist UI

Stop wasting your time on blacklist emails - let your clients enter their optimizations directly in a unique UI for faster and more accurate action



7 days free trial

  • Configurable CR rules
  • Up to 500 optimizations
  • Up to 500 email notifications


7 days free trial

  • Configurable CR rules
  • Up to 1000 optimizations
  • Up to 1000 email notifications
  • Advanced optimizations features



  • Configurable CR rules
  • UNLIMITED optimizations
  • UNLIMITED notifications
  • Advanced optimizations features

About Us

We are a team of marketers and developers with years of experience in performance marketing. We have gathered together in order to build the simplest possible, yet powerful toolset for optimising traffic. Utilize our 0-overhead tools to automate your daily tasks and save many hours you could otherwise focus on developing your business. or going to the beach.

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